Contract Food Service

Catering to the needs of your clients, employees and guests.

Welcome to Tidewater Contract Food Service. We design, manage and operate custom cafeterias and vending service throughout New Hampshire, with significant expertise in educational, museum, corporate and manufacturing environments.

When it comes to contract food service, you can be sure we will bring the same level of attention and personalized services Tidewater is known for to your project. As your partner, we work with you every step of the way and pride ourselves in our abilities to meet the needs of your organization. We always listen carefully, making sure we match your organization’s culture and preferences, and tailor the menus to suit your organization’s tastes, as well as budget.

For each location that we manage, we are able to provide and maintain a full-service kitchen that is designed, staffed and operated according to the specific needs of the clientele and in compliance with all health and safety standards. Our expertise in management and in effective kitchen layout means you can be sure the kitchen will operate with utmost efficiency, which includes close attention to cost effective procurement and regular upkeep and maintenance. You will also benefit from the strong relationships that we have built through our catering services, as we are able to design, negotiate equipment procurement, and coordinate all service vendors.

Finally, Tidewater Catering Group also operates as the exclusive caterer for our contract food service accounts, providing events such as VIP board meetings, orientations, graduation ceremonies and more.

For more information on how we can partner with you for your food service needs, please contact Keri Laman at 603-668-6111.